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> FC-series

4k x 4k full frame CCD cameras at 30 fps


Ultra low-noise thermoelectrically cooled cameras

> C-series

Ultra low-noise cryogenically cooled cameras

> EMCCD cameras

Electron multiplication CCDs for low light imaging

> Custom series

custom solution for oem's

> Film Densitometer

 Scientific high speed film densitometry

With Retriever Technology’s advance EM –Series cameras, bulky image intensifiers are a thing of the past.  A ruggedized hermetically sealed chamber allows for cooling and increased signal to noise performance.  The cooling practically eliminates any dark current allowing near single photon counting performance.  The EM-Series gives you fast, high resolution, 12 or 16 bit data for any light starved application such as scientific and surveillance applications. 

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RetrieverTech is a provider of fast and sophisticated imaging equipment for industrial and scientific applications.  we are an original equipment manufacturer and solution provider in the high-end digital imaging industry, with products centered on imaging sensors, including those based on charge-coupled devices (CCDs) and complementary metal oxide semiconductors (CMOS). 

We offer a suite of products that serve the life sciences and physical science markets.  for more information please contact RetrieverTech.