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Retriever Technology has been designing and manufacturing sophisticated imaging products for the scientific community since 1998. We specialize in accurate, high resolution and high bit depth equipment, offering reliable and rapid digitization for many scientific applications.


Retriever Technology film densitometers allow for the rapid, accurate and calibrated digitization of precision scientific-grade film. More than just a piece of equipment, our densitometers are scientific tools that allow researchers to extract the maximum information from their valuable data.


Key Densitometer Features

• 6 micron sampling resolution

• OD > 5.0

• Film sizes up to 20” x 20”

• Precise stage motion with1 micron linear encoders

• Area array CCD capture gives digitization rates of greater than 1 million pixel per second

• Powerful V++ software, combined with rapid acquisition, allows for large increases in dynamic range and SNR

• Stationary light and detector allows for precise and consistent flatfielding

• Calibrated and precise illumination

• Powerful software allows for complete control over image acquisition

• Turnkey system includes workstation

• Factory installed, calibrated, and tested

Training included

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