An advanced digital imaging company


Scientific grade digital cameras


  • 3.5 electrons of noise at 500kHz!

  •  High resolution 16-bit image secure fiber optic connection with 12.5 Mpix/sec transfer rate

  •  Cryogenic cooling to -120 C for long exposure times 

  • Hermetically sealed package with 5-year warranty or

  • Open nosed configuration with conflat or other flanges for

        easy integration into your system.

  •  Windows, Unix & Linux compatible

  •  On board binning 

  •  Small footprint

  •  Available with a choice of CCDs

  •  Can use third party software to run the camera  

  •  Choice of Front or Back Illuminated CCDs available 

  •  Up to 4k x 4k CCD Chips with 100% fill factor

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