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RT-CSX-LN cameras are a family of spectroscopy array detectors for demanding scientific applications. All our cameras utilize high quality scientific grade CCD sensors.  We offer a wide selection of chips including front and back illuminated, open electrode and deep depleted.  We offer a choice of CCD sizes from 1025 x 128 to 2048 x 2048, designed with the demanding requirements of soft x-ray spectroscopy and laser spectroscopy in mind.  Innovative designs such as optimization for various wavelengths allows for flexibility and ease of use.  The system includes a choice of analysis software packages such Wave Metrics “IGOR”, or Digital Optics “V++” software, and can easily be configured to work with any 3rd party software.

 Feature                                                        Benefits



Up to 10 MHz readout

Fast readout for multiple exposures

16-bit digitization

Provides maximum dynamic range - Read out speed can be adjusted to extend dynamic range (slow) or focusing (fast)

Back-illuminated CCD

Best response for soft x-ray (1eV – 5KeV)

Deep Depleted FI CCD

Best response for higher energy (5KeV+)


Flexible binning increases read out rate and dynamic resolution

Adjustable gains

Can adjust for low noise or high signal to noise ratio

CCD can be optimized for specific wavelengths

Allows tailor made systems to fit specific applications and experiments

Cryogenic cooling - C-series

Provides deep cooling - Cryogenic options allow for long exposures (hours)

High dynamic range

Allows for 30,000:1 dynamic range

Choice of MPP or Non-MPP chips

MPP for extremely low dark current and non-MPP for extended MTF for better resolution

Wave Metrics “IGOR̉, or Digital Optics “V++̉” Software

Powerful analysis software that can be tailor made to meet your needs

Windows XP, Linux and Unix compatible

Increased system utility

Conflat vacuum interface

A range of custom interfacing flanges is available for standard vacuum connections, such as CF, ISO and KF.

Specifications – for RT-TSG with 2048 x 2048 chip



CCD Chip

E2V-CCD42-40, scientific grade, back-illuminated, non-MPP device

CCD Characteristic

2048 x 2048 imaging pixel

13.5 x 13.5 - mm pixels

100% fill factor





Linear Full Well e-




System Read Noise




   @20 kHz

3 e-

3 e-

4.0 e-

   @2 MHz

6 e-

7 e-

8.8 e-

Dark Current @-95

0.002 e-/p/s

0.003 e-/p/s

0.004 e-/p/s

CCD Temperature   (LN cooled)

-110 C

-90 C



<1% @ 100 kHz

Readout Speed

20 kHz - 3 MHz

MTF @ Nyquist

48% with non-MPP mode

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