X-Ray Diffraction and Crystallography

Retriever Technology has developed a line of cameras that are ideal for scientific applications.  They are designed with the demanding requirements of X-Ray Diffraction and Crystallography in mind.  The cameras are built for lensless direct imaging of phosphor screens and other lambertian sources.  The cameras are available with 2048 x 2048 or large format 4096 x 4096 Scientific Grade CCD chips.  We offer front or back illuminated CCDs with quantum efficiency of greater than 90%.  Furthermore, users can select among a host of options from 1:1 fiber optic faceplate to fiberoptically-coupled tapers for applications where a large field of view is required.  Innovative designs such as optimization for various wavelengths allows for flexibility and ease of use.  The system comes complete with V++ software and a fully set up computer ready for immediate imaging.        



Up to 3 MHz readout Fast readout for multiple exposures
1:1 fiber optic face plate & Fiber optic taper Distortion-free optical coupling, Can gain large field of view (160 x 160 mm)
Innovative fiber optic coupling Preserve highest possible resolution or can design a durable system that can withstand many cycles
Choice of CCD sizes up to 4096 x 4096 Largest imaging area in the market
Choice of Back Illuminated CCD for increased quantum efficiency Highest QE (94%) yields better and more patentable results
CCD can be optimized for specific wavelengths Allows tailor made systems to fit specific applications and experiments
Phosphor coated CCD allows for direct X-Ray detection without fiber optic Now you have the choice of using systems without fiber optics
Radiation hardened CCDs Can operate in harsh environment without costly damage to the chip
Flexible binning and readout Can gain more full well and add flexibility
16-bit digitization Allows for 30,000:1 dynamic range
Thermoelectric or Cryogenic with C-Series Provides deep cooling.  Cryogenic options allow for long exposures (hours)
A suite of 3rd party analysis software Flexibility and access to popular software such as: Digital Optics V++ , Mathlab, IGOR & GENE Pro
PCI Interface with fiber optic connection Industry standard for fast reliable data transfer.  Fiber optic adds security and flexibility
Optional Firewire Ease of operation and fast read out
Windows XP, Linux and Unix compatible Increased system utility
Can customize system The right system for you

Specifications for RT-TSG with 2048 x 2048 chip

CCD Chip E2V-CCD42-40; Scientific Grade; MPP
CCD Characteristic

2048 x 2048 imaging pixel

13.5 x 13.5 - mm pixels

100% fill factor


Linear Full well  e-
Minimum Typical Maximum
100,000 120,000 140,000
System Read Noise  

   @200 kHz

3 e- 3.5 e- 4.5 e-

@1 MHz

6 e- 7 e- 8.5 e-

Dark Current @-35

0.02 e-/p/s 0.06 e-/p/s 0.4 e-/p/s

CCD Temperature   (TE cooling chilled liquid)

-45C -30C  


99% @ 1MHz

Readout Speed 50 kHz - 1 MHz